Our Program

While some gains have been made in regards to increasing diversity in the field of health care management, recent studies continue to suggest that there is still ample room for improvement. With recent changes to our National Health Care System as well as the changing demographics in our country, there is an urgent need to understand the importance of healthcare organizations providing a culturally competent framework to serve such a diverse population. The Healthcare Diversity Council aims to provide a forum for dialogue and awareness. Our main goal is to assist in creating knowledge as to how to build an organizational culture and workforce that is culturally competent and inclusive. It is our vision to begin the transformation that will drive organizations to become culturally competent as they contribute to eliminate health disparities.

The Council is multi-functional and works closely with its members to:

  • Lead, develop and otherwise support organizational diversity and inclusion strategies that promote respectful, diverse, and culturally competent employment, and services to consumers and communities.
  • Develop and monitor disparity and diversity performance measures.
  • Coordinate diversity development initiatives and groups.
  • Represent the Healthcare Diversity Council in all diversity development initiatives.


The Healthcare Diversity Council offers many benefits that will aid you later on in your professional life.

  • Invaluable experience in running a non-profit organization. This could lead to you starting your own foundation, or even your own business
  • Hands on experience that many employers require before offering entry-level jobs to college graduates
  • Leadership skills and training required to reach upper level management positions