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Healthcare has been in the news often lately, with the conversation centered on delegation. Even when healthcare was spoken of in another context, it never regarded medical personnel.

One topic that never seems to be paramount in healthcare discussion is the lack of global representation in health care institutions. While the medical field is more inclusive than it has ever been, things are by no means equal. Nursing is still considered a predominately female career, and minority representation is severely lacking in the field. Executive positions are very rarely held by a person of color or a woman and, when they are, wages and job satisfaction are disparate with their white male counterparts.

The obvious solution is to encourage hospitals and clinics to hire out of their own communities, so that patients can be treated by staff that is intimately familiar with the patients’ circumstances. It goes beyond having a healthcare professional that understands your culture and medical needs; the key is to have patients be comfortable receiving medical care from someone from the same culture, national origins, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political and socio-economic condition, among others.

I created the HealthCare Diversity Council to show the value of multiculturalism in healthcare professions. Through highlighting the lack of adequate global representation in healthcare, we plan to encourage medical institutions to seek more racially-, culturally-, and socially-mixed personnel. This organization will also serve as a resource to inclusive medical professionals and students searching for healthcare facilities that strive to hire personnel with a variety of lifestyles.

I have been a lifelong advocate of diversity in every sphere. Healthcare is now a major issue in the public eye, but the profession continues to be underrepresented in terms of inclusion. I believe that the National HealthCare Diversity Council will serve as the first step in correcting that problem.

Dennis Kennedy

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