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Our Healthcare Symposium Series brings youth from schools across the area to hear speakers present on the importance of cultural awareness and multiculturalism in medical professions. For more information, click on the city name.


2017 Healthcare Diversity Summit - "Diversity in Healthcare: It’s Time for Action"
Greater Dallas July 11th
Central Texas (Austin) August 15th
Gulf Coast (Houston) August 31st
Corpus Christi October 18th
2017 Pennsylvania Healthcare Diversity Summit - Philadelphia May 18th
2017 California Healthcare Diversity Summit - NorCal June 22nd
2017 Pacific Northwest Healthcare Diversity Summit - Portland October 24th
2017 Pacific Northwest Healthcare Diversity Summit - Seattle October 26th


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Healthcare Summit topics may include:


  • Why is it critical for healthcare providers to increase the diversity in their workforce?
  • The idea of culturally-competent care is a very real and necessary component of delivering quality care across an increasingly more diverse spectrum of patients. How have you effectively managed and built sustainability around inclusion efforts?
  • Diversity in my profession: Benefits and opportunities that I have received from my diverse background.
  • On the front lines of diversity and inclusion: Healthcare is bringing a chair to the table.
  • The implications of health care reform for diverse populations.
  • How to implement new standards on culturally and linguistically appropriate services from The Joint Commission and the National Committee for Quality Assurance.
  • How healthcare organizations can respond to health IT demographic data collection recommendations.
  • Integrating consumer, patient, family, and community perspectives into healthcare diversity initiatives, and the demand for increased accountability, effectiveness, and transparency.

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